SADARA Meeting Jan. 19, 2023 (open to all) online only

Saskatoon and District Amateur Radio Association Meeting

Tonight’s meeting is online only (19Jan23)

This meeting is open to anyone interested in Amateur Radio no matter if you are a member of SaDARA or not.

Come online and see what this interesting hobby is all about.

Reminder that this Thursday January 19th at 7:30 Pm. The club Jitsi link is at https://meet.jit.si/SaskatoonandDistrictAmateurRadioAssociation . This will be an informal meeting to discuss a few items of interest including Field Day, Ham Radio Day In The Park, Club Participation in local community events. I am looking forward to seeing you all again.


Dave Weigel


Annual General Meeting

This one is an important notice as we are closing in on the date for our AGM which is on Thursday April 21st.at 7:30 P.M. on Jitsi just follow the link https://meet.jit.si/SaskatoonandDistrictAmateurRadioAssociation

We need to fill one executive officer position and that is the Secretary which is currently held by Ron Ford (VA5RJF) but was intended to be temporary during the club formation. Ron will be happy to help guide and advise the new secretary as they learn the duties. Please if you feel you would like to help in this position please step forward so to speak at the AGM.

The Nutrien Fireworks Festival has ask for our help with communications from the hotzones.

Hello, all Saskatoon and District ham radio operators.

We have received an invite to provide communications for the Fireworks Festival Sept 2&3 (Friday and Saturday). It will be a similar setup as we had for the Canada Fireworks. We need nine volunteers for each night. We will be communicating on 146.52 simplex. Our purpose is to communicate things i.e., if someone needs first aid, or if someone needs directions, or someone is entering hot zone that is not supposed to. It is from 7:00pm and till 10:00pm

I will be the main contact for our group

Why does our club participate?

Our club has expressed interest in emergency communications and we have opportunities to provide communications for Canada Day fireworks festival, the Sask. marathon

 this raises the profile of the club and helps us with our goal of being an emergency communication provider

What to bring

Water, mosquito spray, munchies, light jacket, flashlight, cell phone and your 2-meter radio.

This is a fun event and raises $500. For our club.

Please let us know which night you can help if you are available and want to be on our nice list.

Questions ? I can be reached at ve5rs@rac.ca

Thanks /Ron

Sabre Balloon Launch July 23 at 8am local (1400z)

To Amateur Radio operators in Manitoba, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. The Saskatoon and District Amateur Radio Society Sabre group will be launching a balloon this Saturday at 8:00 am local time (1400Z) it will have a simplex repeater on board on 147.540 If you have time try and make a contact.  It will listen for 20 seconds and repeats what it hears.I hope to hear you on 147.540 simplex on Saturday


Saskatoon and District Amateur Radio Association Update July 5th. 2022

Net Controller’s needed desperately!

We are in need of 1 or 2 members to take on the roll of net controllers, if you aren’t sure you are capable I assure you that you can be with the assistance from our current net controllers guiding you. A club like ours grows by member involvement in activities. Daily nets are a way of connecting with each other and promotes the hobby and its use of the radio spectrum.

July 14th. upcoming club meeting at the Saskatchewan Aviation Museum

Remember we will be holding our first club meeting at #5 Hanger Road parking in front of the building but if you have need to park closer you can drive in the large gate and park angle parking against the north side up to the museum door, the tarmac past the hanger is off limits. This will hopefully be a joint in person and on Jitsi meeting so fingers crossed we can figure out the process.

Labour Day Fireworks volunteers needed! 

Friday September 2nd. and Saturday September 3rd. we will likely be helping with radio communication again for the fireworks. I can not say enough about the excellent work that everyone put in to make the Canada Day events and fireworks such an amazing success after Covid caused a hiatus. I and my wife had a “blast” helping out and I would bet the Labour Day fireworks will be just as amazing so if you can help out be sure to let Ron know when he puts out the call closer to event time.

SaDARA CORN ROAST! Date to be determined in August.

Amateur Radio Day In The Park

With the help from many we held our first public radio day event to encourage interest in the hobby as well as to get together as a club in a social radio setting. We had some interest from the public and that was very encouraging, we have some potential Hams2Be that i hope come out to the meeting and are encouraged to take the course. It was great to have Patricia a member of our club to bring out her telescope and join us and I hope we can do so again.

From club president


Saskatoon and District Amateur Radio Association Update June 30th 2022

AKA Hoodies and travel mugs, due to a lack of orders we will not be placing an order for items at this time and may revisit it in the fall.

Friday July 1st. some of us will be out helping with the Canada Day Fireworks event and I wish to thank those members for helping our club return to a very important part of our hobby and that is helping our community. 

Saturday July 2nd. we will be holding club breakfast again at Crazy Eggs on Circle Drive and hope to see many of you there for great chats and awesome food.

Sunday July 3rd. is Amateur Radio Day in the Park in Meewasin Park I hope to see many of you stop by and even help out as we were unable to have field day and this will give us a way to get that feel after not being able to hold a club station event due to covid. 

Thursday July 14th. 7:30 p.m  RETURN TO IN PERSON CLUB MEETING! Come out to the Saskatchewan Aviation Museum at #5 Hanger road and lets get back to what we do best and that is being a club. 

Reposted from email if club president

Saskatoon and District Amateur Radio Association 2022 Field Day!


Currently this event is suspended but waiting for volunteers that could make something of their own coordinated effort. Please let us know.

On June 25th and 26th 2022 we hope to be holding our first amateur radio field day as SaDARA and the club is needing volunteers to help in the planning/organization and operation of this event. if you want to take part in any capacity please let a club executive member know.

Microhams Digital conference may 7 2022 UPDATE——————————————-

MicroHAMS Amateur Radio Club

3rd May 2022

Microhams Digital Conference


Microhams Digital Conference

Each year since 2007 the Microsoft Amateur Radio Club (Microhams) has held a conference with a focus on digital communications.  The conference offers a variety of topics across a range of skill levels.  Our motto is “Inspire, Inform and Educate”.

There are a long list of things that come together to make the conference happen.  We could not make these things converge in time for the 2022 conference.  Fortunately, this provides a good start on the 2023 conference.  As a substitute, we can offer a library of our conferences from previous years.  We invite you to review these presentations at http://www.MHDC.live. We will be publishing the latest conference information there when available.

We hope to see you in 2023!

Scott Honaker, N7SS for the MHDC Team

Microhams MHDC 2022 CANCELLED


Each year since 2007 the Microsoft Amateur Radio Club (Microhams) has held a conference with a focus on digital communications.  The conference offers a variety of topics across a range of skill levels.  Our motto is “Inspire, Inform and Educate”.  This year is the 15th annual Microhams Digital Conference.  Like the last two years, the 2022 conference will be streamed and at no charge (donations welcome) on May 7, 2022.  One of the virtues of going online is that we can invite presenters that would be impractical to bring to the Seattle area.  The latest updates will be published on the Microhams web site at http://www.microhams.com/mhdc-2022.

The conference can be streamed live on YouTube so there can be an unlimited number of attendees.  This year the conference is available at no charge, but we do request a donation via the web site to cover our expenses.  There is a chat channel in YouTube to ask questions and these will be passed to the presenters at the end of the presentations during a Q&A session.  

To provide a more interactive experience, there will be a Zoom breakout room available at the end of the session where the presenters can hang out and answer questions in person for the next hour.  Of course, the whole thing will be recorded on YouTube and available for viewing later if you miss anything.

We hope to see you May 7, 2022!

Scott Honaker, N7SS for the MHDC Team

Tone needed for 146.64

Effective May 1st, the VE5SK repeater (146.640) will require a 100Hz tone on incoming signals.  This tone is being implemented to counteract the interference that we’ve been experiencing on this repeater.  By requiring each transmission to have a 100Hz tone we can prevent the interference from being transmitted through the repeater.

Most repeaters in the Saskatoon area already have sub-audible or digital tones in place for this same reason.  By implementing this change to the VE5SK repeater and removing the interference issue we will make using the repeater much more enjoyable for all HAMs.

If anyone requires assistance with setting their radio up to use the new tone please contact Ron (ve5rs@rac.ca) with your call sign, the make and model of your radio and your phone number and we’ll have someone reach out to help you get your radio ready to go.

The SaDARA Repeater SIG