The Nutrien Fireworks Festival has ask for our help with communications from the hotzones.

Hello, all Saskatoon and District ham radio operators. We have received an invite to provide communications for the Fireworks Festival Sept 2&3 (Friday and Saturday). It will be a similar setup as we had for the Canada Fireworks. We need nine volunteers for each night. We will be communicating on 146.52 simplex. Our purpose is toContinue reading “The Nutrien Fireworks Festival has ask for our help with communications from the hotzones.”

Sabre Balloon Launch July 23 at 8am local (1400z)

To Amateur Radio operators in Manitoba, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. The Saskatoon and District Amateur Radio Society Sabre group will be launching a balloon this Saturday at 8:00 am local time (1400Z) it will have a simplex repeater on board on 147.540 If you have time try and make a contact.  It will listen for 20Continue reading “Sabre Balloon Launch July 23 at 8am local (1400z)”

Microhams Digital conference may 7 2022 UPDATE——————————————-

3rd May 2022 Microhams Digital Conference LAURENCE STARKS Microhams Digital Conference Each year since 2007 the Microsoft Amateur Radio Club (Microhams) has held a conference with a focus on digital communications.  The conference offers a variety of topics across a range of skill levels.  Our motto is “Inspire, Inform and Educate”. There are a longContinue reading “Microhams Digital conference may 7 2022 UPDATE——————————————-“

Tone needed for 146.64

Effective May 1st, the VE5SK repeater (146.640) will require a 100Hz tone on incoming signals.  This tone is being implemented to counteract the interference that we’ve been experiencing on this repeater.  By requiring each transmission to have a 100Hz tone we can prevent the interference from being transmitted through the repeater. Most repeaters in theContinue reading “Tone needed for 146.64”