The Nutrien Fireworks Festival has ask for our help with communications from the hotzones.

Hello, all Saskatoon and District ham radio operators.

We have received an invite to provide communications for the Fireworks Festival Sept 2&3 (Friday and Saturday). It will be a similar setup as we had for the Canada Fireworks. We need nine volunteers for each night. We will be communicating on 146.52 simplex. Our purpose is to communicate things i.e., if someone needs first aid, or if someone needs directions, or someone is entering hot zone that is not supposed to. It is from 7:00pm and till 10:00pm

I will be the main contact for our group

Why does our club participate?

Our club has expressed interest in emergency communications and we have opportunities to provide communications for Canada Day fireworks festival, the Sask. marathon

 this raises the profile of the club and helps us with our goal of being an emergency communication provider

What to bring

Water, mosquito spray, munchies, light jacket, flashlight, cell phone and your 2-meter radio.

This is a fun event and raises $500. For our club.

Please let us know which night you can help if you are availableĀ and want to be on our nice list.

Questions ? I can be reached at

Thanks /Ron

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