Saskatoon and District Amateur Radio Association Update July 5th. 2022

Net Controller’s needed desperately!

We are in need of 1 or 2 members to take on the roll of net controllers, if you aren’t sure you are capable I assure you that you can be with the assistance from our current net controllers guiding you. A club like ours grows by member involvement in activities. Daily nets are a way of connecting with each other and promotes the hobby and its use of the radio spectrum.

July 14th. upcoming club meeting at the Saskatchewan Aviation Museum

Remember we will be holding our first club meeting at #5 Hanger Road parking in front of the building but if you have need to park closer you can drive in the large gate and park angle parking against the north side up to the museum door, the tarmac past the hanger is off limits. This will hopefully be a joint in person and on Jitsi meeting so fingers crossed we can figure out the process.

Labour Day Fireworks volunteers needed! 

Friday September 2nd. and Saturday September 3rd. we will likely be helping with radio communication again for the fireworks. I can not say enough about the excellent work that everyone put in to make the Canada Day events and fireworks such an amazing success after Covid caused a hiatus. I and my wife had a “blast” helping out and I would bet the Labour Day fireworks will be just as amazing so if you can help out be sure to let Ron know when he puts out the call closer to event time.

SaDARA CORN ROAST! Date to be determined in August.

Amateur Radio Day In The Park

With the help from many we held our first public radio day event to encourage interest in the hobby as well as to get together as a club in a social radio setting. We had some interest from the public and that was very encouraging, we have some potential Hams2Be that i hope come out to the meeting and are encouraged to take the course. It was great to have Patricia a member of our club to bring out her telescope and join us and I hope we can do so again.

From club president

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