Tone needed for 146.64

Effective May 1st, the VE5SK repeater (146.640) will require a 100Hz tone on incoming signals.  This tone is being implemented to counteract the interference that we’ve been experiencing on this repeater.  By requiring each transmission to have a 100Hz tone we can prevent the interference from being transmitted through the repeater.

Most repeaters in the Saskatoon area already have sub-audible or digital tones in place for this same reason.  By implementing this change to the VE5SK repeater and removing the interference issue we will make using the repeater much more enjoyable for all HAMs.

If anyone requires assistance with setting their radio up to use the new tone please contact Ron ( with your call sign, the make and model of your radio and your phone number and we’ll have someone reach out to help you get your radio ready to go.

The SaDARA Repeater SIG

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