President’s Message

Please bear with me as I am new to this format, my name is David Weigel but most know me as Dave. I have been a licensed amateur radio operator since 1992 and have recently been entrusted with the honor of representing this new club/association as president.

To give you all an update on some news we are in the final stages of finding a new home for us at the Saskatchewan Aviation Museum And Learning center. We will be able to if granted government approval put up an antenna installation and that will then lead to a club station for members to utilize and possibly remotely. The opportunities this location affords us is incredible as we will have a display that is available to the visitors including school tours which may help entice young minds to explore our wonderful hobby.

One of the special interest groups or SIG for short I am involved in is the social committee and we will as opportunity lets us have club events like Social Days such as family wiener roasts and fox hunts. We will also be doing fundraising events like burger sales to the public at locations within our city and we will have pamphlets and a display as well.

|I will update this as more details come to light now that we are entering a new era as a club and an end to Covid is in sight.

Stay well and stay safe and hope to see you soon in our new club home!

David Weigel


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