Please see the announcements section for the post about the repeater tone and other latest updates

Online meetings are at https://meet.jit.si/SaskatoonandDistrictAmateurRadioAssociation

Join us 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:30PM for meetings

In Person Saturday Morning Coffee, we will be holding club breakfast again at 10:00 AM, Crazy Eggs on Circle Drive and hope to see many of you there for great chats and awesome food.

An invitation to all members of SaDARA, past members of SARC and MARS as well as any amateur radio operators in the Saskatoon and area.

As many of you know we have implemented Special Interest Groups which focus on individual facets of the hobby. We would like to explore more ways of developing those facets by our members. We are progressing on our Repeater SIG but there is so much more we can accomplish.

When in Saskatoon, check into the 2 Meter net at 8:00PM local time 146.640-

100hz subaudible tone to access repeater.