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POTA New Parks Requests

This is your chance to suggest new Saskatchewan Parks for POTA

Edit:  Nov 8, 2023

Unfortunately it looks like City of Saskatoon parks do not meet the requirements to be added as new POTA parks.  Hopefully this will change in the future.  The best candidates for new parks are those run by the Federal or Provincial or local government and especially if there is a Website well defining the park boundary.  The park or entity must also be publicly accessible land.  With this in mind, feel free to continue suggesting candidates for new parks.

I would like to announce that I am now the official Parks On The Air Saskatchewan Map Representative.  If any of you would like to have a park added please use the following template and email me a request.  Check for email.

Va5MuD, Saskatchewan Map Representative

For every POTA submission nominated, kindly provide the following:
  1. Full Name of the entity
  2. Address to parking lot of the entity
  3. Google map link to parking or the entity
  4. Long/Lat of the entity
  5. A Website/URL for the entity (must be a link to the provincial or federal government agency that is responsible for managing/servicing/caring for the entity)
  6. Access Method (by: Automobile/Foot/Boat/Other)
  7. Activation From (how: Pedestrian/Auto/Cabin/Campground/Other)
Rob (VE5VK)  has created an optional Pdf form that can be filled out on a desktop computer and forwarded on to Wes, Va5MuD.  The Pdf form can be downloaded by -Clicking Here-.  Save the blank form to your computer and you can use it for each new park you would like to see added.  Once filled out, just save it with a unique name for each park.

  1. Name: Rouge Urban National Park
    (Full name of the entity)
  2. Website:
    (must be a link to the provincial or federal government agency that is responsible for managing/servicing/caring for the entity)
  3. Address to parking lot: 25 Zoo Rd, Scarborough, ON M1B 5W8
    (Street address if possible)
  4. Google Map Link (To Parking Lot or Sign):!4m6!3m5...
    (Left click on Google Maps, then click share symbol for a link)
  5. Geo Location: 43.8611, -79.212 (Latitude/Longitude in digital format. Right-click location on Google Maps for lat/long)
  6. Access Method(s): (Automobile/Pedestrian/Boat/Other)
    (Could be just one or multiple methods to access the entity)
  7. Activation Method(s): (Pedestrian/Automobile/Cabin/Campground/Other)
    (Could be just one or multiple methods of activating from the site. You and your equipment must be entirely within the boundary of the entity.)