POTA Special Interest Group

Group Coordinator - Wes Va5MuD & Rob VE5VK

Parks on the Air ® (POTA) is a site for international portable amateur radio operations that promote emergency awareness and communications from national/federal and state/provincial level parks.  In a nutshell, there are two sides.

  1. Activators who call CQ POTA and are required to upload QSO logs to POTA.  They must be operating from within a designated park as listed on the map of entities.  Except for satellites, repeaters are not to be used.
  2. Hunters who answer the Activators call.  Hunters need not sign up for POTA but if you do, you can earn electronic awards.  Just by answering the calls, you help the Activators.  If you sign up with POTA, the POTA Website/App will tell you what frequencies and modes the Activators are on and what park they are in.  As a Hunter, you can operate from anywhere including your home hamshack and you do not upload your log of POTA QSOs.

Jump on over to The POTA website where you can learn all about it and set up your POTA profile.  Feel free to join/follow the POTA Special Interest Group here to learn from others this interesting aspect of Amateur Radio.

Note: When signing up for the POTA app, it is best to use a desktop or laptop computer as many are having issues signing up with mobile devices.  If having issues, contact POTA for assistance.